Be Connected With Today’s Fire…..

Let my vindication come from Your presence,

Let Your eyes look on the things that are upright….Psalm 17:2

It is compulsory that your life is burning with the unquenchable Fire of God’s presence. Be connected with the Fire today to succeed in all your endeavors, If you can be conscious of the Word to meditate on the Word and also believe in the Word; Trusting Him for the Fire, the Fire is the power and the anointing you need to go. The Psalmist already connected with Fire when he prayed let my vindication from your presence. You can look up to God today for the release of the Fire upon your life as you work so shall success follow you in JESUS CHRIST name.

Here are the important need for today’s Fire…

(1) It will refine your life to be smarter than your enemies.

(2) It will draw you closer to God’s presence.

(3) It will scare the powers of darkness from coming to attack you and carry out their operations in your or any area.

(4) The Fire will always make you stronger and victorious

I decree may you achieve your desires today and this Weekend. Let no power of darkness or any form of darkness succeed in oppressing and opposing your prayers, desires, expectations, privileges, opportunities, entitlements, favoure, blessings, etc in JESUS CHRIST name.

To be continued…

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Stay Blessed.

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