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Being a kingdom partner opens you and your business up for supernatural supply from God and divine preservation over your life , business and ministry. Make a covenant today as you help us take the ministry to the nations of the world


Reaching out to less privilege  Christians  in the north and south in Nigeria


Taking the gospel to the nations of the world and restoring back lost souls and unreached people back to God


The bedrock of every society is her youth. So we keep reaching out to the youth in various schools in Nigeria and abroad


To grow up with the experience of parents is what most children experience around the world. So we count it a privilege of reaching out to the motherless home and less privilege children around the world
All the glory to Jesus... ever since i joined this ministry my life and business has being experiencing unlimited supply of God's favor. God has transformed my life and business. After i became a kingdom partner, it has been from glory to glory. Praise God“

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